Ethics & Values

Alessandro Bassoli, founder and president of Everblue, believes ethical code is fundamental to share the values inspired by the company, so that each one of his employees at any level, can clearly understand the fundamental principles of Everblue’s “world”. The Ethical code doesn’t include laws, rules or dogmas but only the steps that have allowed the company until now and again in the future to reach important objectives and prefixed results.
"If a company want’s to work well, progressing step by step, celebrating the values of family, soul, justice and friendship, and also grow without contrasts between the associates and proceed happily towards a better future, everyone must accomplish his duty!”Giovanni Falcone

Everblue’s philosophy is based on a few principles that involve all the people directly or indirectly interested in the company’s life: clients, employees, suppliers, partners and external co-workers.
These values are the principles of Everblue’s “world”; they represent the starting point from which, in 2001, Alessandro Bassoli founded the company and made it one of the leading companies worldwide for water treatment.


Loyalty & Trust
Honesty & Transparency

Respect & Responsibility
Commitment & Passion


Everblue believes in these simple values, embodies them and represents them.

In today’s society these are essential features that allow us to distinguish, differentiate from others and keep growing.

Everblue believes that ethics and sharing of these values is essential, not only from a human prospective but also in business, inside and outside the company. Our loyalty to commitment, allows us for example to deliver on time 96% of the times and the pursue of improvement allows us to look for long-lasting and fruitful cooperation with our clients and encourages confrontation and continuous progress.

We can live a wonderful life in the world if we work and love, work for those we love and love what we work for. (Lev Tolstoj)


Everblue understands the centrality of its clients and prepares actions and services aimed at achieving their full satisfaction. Customer orientation translates into listening to market needs, in the continuous search for innovation, quality and services that can satisfy and retain the customer.

Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company. (Michael LeBoeuf)


Everblue believes that people are the most important asset of every company and that they actively contribute to the growth and success of the business, because people are the lifeblood of every company: they represent its strength, effectiveness, intelligence and are a warranty for the future.
For this reason, Everblue believes that pursuit of excellence is a value and commitment to share and aspire to every day, for the satisfaction of all the stakeholders.

Dignity and well-being 
Everblue promotes respect of physical and cultural integrity of our employees and respect of the relations among the people, by guaranteeing fair working conditions and respect human dignity, always careful to ensure the right balance between working time and private life.

When the yang reaches its peak, it withdraws in favour of the yan; when the yin reaches it’s peak, it withdraws in favour of the yang. (Wang Ch’ung)

Working environment
The company strongly believes in creating a positive working environment with a complete cooperation between employees and collaborators.

The greatness of a profession is perhaps, above all, uniting men: there is only one true luxury, that of human relationship. (Antonie de Saint-Exupéry)

Continuous training 
Everblue is committed to developing skills, also through continuous training, to develop the potential of Employees and Collaborators in order to always offer a high-quality service to satisfy the customer's needs.

Knowledge is the opposite of money: the more you share the richer you become. (Albert Jacquard)

The company believes that professional growth and gratitude must be related to personal merits, results and commitment without discrimination of gender, religion, age, ethnicity, political or labour opinion, sexual orientation, disabilities or health conditions. 

People are not born for a certain role: to understand if they are in the right position we have to imagine how they will be in one year.  (Adriano Olivetti)


Each person starting from the small supplier to the most experienced agent has shared the values in which Everblue believes; every action we fulfil or propose, tends to guarantee higher quality standards by creating a good and sustainable partnership thanks to a win-win situation that advantages both parts.  

It doesn’t matter how much a man can do, it doesn’t matter how engaging his personality can be, he will never reach his goals in business if he doesn’t know hoe to cooperate with other people. (Georges Wolinski)


Everblue is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of his employees and of anyone else who works with us, ensures that the working environment is not only in compliance with hygienic standards and safety rules, but also that it allows a high level of comfort .

Nature challenges us to be sympathetic and careful in maintaining our universe, even to prevent, as far as possible, the worst consequences. (Pope Francis)


Everblue is constantly committed to supporting policies and strategies to respect the environment and for sustainable development: economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity; we carry out an ambitious project, aimed to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and our society, by adopting voluntary measures based on best business practices and, in addition to this, on innovation.

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree (Martin Luther King)


Everblue is committed to communicating and ensuring adequate disclosure of the Code of Ethics. In order to allow everyone to operate in compliance with the latter, the Management will ensure continuous awareness of the values and behavioural rules contained in this document.


It's what we consider important in our lives that tells us who we are:
Our values.
Our profound and strong commitment.
Our credibility, the strength of self-made people that built their lives facing challenges.
Our products and their quality, because we believe every detail means value.
Our products’ simplicity, so that anyone can use them.
Our company, a place that belongs to everyone and where everyone has the chance to show their talents.
Our desire to grow with our clients.
Our clients, the trust and cooperation we share with them.
All these reasons, make EVERBLUE one of the most important companies operating in the membrane filtration field.