Housings and Filtration Cartridges

FilterOrange housing was designed to satisfy the request of one of our clients who needed a single filter for both sea water and brakish water that could guarantee very high flow rates.

The client especially asked for taylor-made cartridges with customized length, diameter and end caps in order to have a continouos and secure return on investments from the sale of spare parts.

The cartridges inside the FilterOrange container are long 60" and have a great filtering surface of over 10,5 m2. FilterOrange and filtering cartridges are manufactured in Italy with only raw material mande in Europe in compliance with the highest quality standards.


Moreover, these types of cartridges are produced with end caps can be used on other filtering element such as Aqualine to replace Aqualine (AL) ALN01-60B, ALN05-60B, ALN10-60B e ALN20-60B cartridges.

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