FilterMax : a new amazing housing for cartridges

After a thorough project design study and market analysis, Everblue is pleased to present a new container for filter cartridges: FilterMax.
FilterMax will replace the FilterOne in the product line; the main differences between the two housings are material, flow rate and price.

This new container is made of reinforced Polyamide (PA) to ensure very high mechanical resistance, absolute corrosion resistance and very long life; it is therefore perfect for the filtration of sea water and brackish water.

FilterMax is available in two different sizes 13"and 20" and in both housings you can fit a single high flow filter cartridge which guarantees a 18 m3/h flow rate for the 13" version and a 27 m3/h flow rate for the 20" version.

The unbeatable price is certainly one of the biggest competitive advantages of this new filter.

Like the whole range of filter cartridges manufactured by Everblue, FilterMax is available in three different versions in order to satisfy all filtration needs:

💧 Depth filtration cartridges in extruded polypropylene (N95) with double layer filtration grade, so called DOUBLE GRADIENT
💧 Pleated 5-layer polypropylene (PP95) cartridges, so called 5 LAYERS
💧 Washable cartridges (TPL) produced with the special TEKBLUE filter with internal patented FILSTAR INSIDE support

For completeness of information, we remind you that this filter is manufactured in Italy with certified made in Italy material and respecting the highest quality standards like all Everblue’s range of products.

We are confident that FilterMax will play an important role in the entire filtering cartridge market.