Cyclone or hydrocyclone filters, SpeedBlue, through a system that allows the purification of water from the particles, using the principle of centrifugal force, are used as a preliminary treatment for the partial removal of the elements present in the water. Cyclone filters are available in two different materials :AISI 316 or plastic material PVC. They are especially indicated for the following applications: pre-treatment of water treatment plants, filtration of process water, filtration of water for heat exchangers, irrigation, aquaculture and protection of spraying nozzles. For water with elevated quantities of suspended solids, cyclone filters represent a valid pre-treatment for sand filters and for self cleaning filters as they allow to reduce the number of rigenerations and reduce water and energy consumption.

Product pictureModelTypeBuilding materialProduct sheet
SP0SP0Cyclon PVC filtersPVC (Polyvinyl chloryde)Download
S01S01Stainless steel AISI 316 cyclon filtersAISI 316Download

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