Product type: Self cleaning filters with suction nozzles
Material: AISI 316
Connection IN/OUT DN 100 FLANGE EN1092 - DN 150 FLANGE EN1092 - DN 200 FLANGE EN1092 - DN 50 FLANGE EN1092 - DN 80 FLANGE EN1092
Micron:: 50 Ám - 80 Ám - 125 Ám - 200 Ám - 300 Ám - 500 Ám
Continuous flow: Si
Efficiency: 90.00 %
Eff. on non compressible particles: High
Eff. on compressible particles: Good
Efficiency on light particles: Good
Max particles size at inlet: (mm) 3
Max total suspended solids: (mg/l) 100 mg/l
Turbidity non compressible part.: (NTU) 10
Applications: Prefiltration for water treatment plants, Process water, Evaporative cooling towers, Heat exchangers, Irrigation, Aquaculture, Protection of spray nozzles, Prefiltration for ultrafiltration (UF) plants, Prefiltration for reverse osmosis (RO) plants, Water
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