The path to success



Passion, courage, determination and respect of clients and supplier, are the principles that allowed Alessandra Bassoli to establish Everblue in April 2001. Everblue’s success increased in all the Alta Valtaro and the Parma Appenines and year after year has become an internationally well-known company.

Below, the most important steps of Everblue’s history


Alessandro Bassoli establishes EVERBLUE SRL, a trade company specialized in selling filtration systems and chemical products for reverse osmosis plants.


EVERBLUE starts designing and manufacturing its own stainless-steel filter cartridges.


EVERBLUE starts designing and manufacturing its own stainless-steel self-cleaning filter


EVERBLUE filed the FILSTAR patent


EVERBLUE opens its new production site in Borgo Val di Taro (Parma), a 2000 m² establishment.


EVERBLUE launches the new FilterPlus on the market, first fiberglass container for high flow filter cartridges.


EVERBLUE starts manufacturing MBR modules (Membrane Biological Reactor) with flat membranes.


EVERBLUE starts manufacturing MBR modules (Membrane Biological Reactor) with flat membranes.


EVERBLUE creates the EVERBLUE SELECTOR software, first and only calculating program for the choice of the filtration system.


EVERBLUE manufactures high flow 5 LAYERS and DOUBLE GRADIENT cartridges.


EVERBLUE launches the FilterBlanc, FilterBlanc MAXI, FilterBlue MAXI filters and the revolutionary self-cleaning FilBlue FV2000, first self-cleaning filter completely built in a fiberglass container.


EVERBLUE starts manufacturing MBR modules (Membrane Biological Reactor), with flat membrane crates.


EVERBLUE opens the new Headquarter in Albareto (Parma) with a 2500 m² establishment.

A story of success

Everblue was founded in April 2001 by Alessandro Bassoli to offer the constructors of water treatment and reverse osmosis plants, the two main consumable products on their installation: filtering cartridges and chemical products.

He worked three years as a salesman in a company specialized in selling components for water treatment plants and another three years as Italian Sales manager for an English company that produced chemical products for reverse osmosis. After this period, Alessandro Bassoli realized that on the Italian market there weren’t any companies exclusively specialized in pre-treatment for reverse osmosis plants and that many plant constructors where struggling to find an adequate technical service and high-quality products. The filtering cartridges used to remove suspended solids (particles) that could deposit inside the reverse osmosis membranes  from water, were made in Poland; chemical products (antiscalant), to prevent the precipitation of salts contained inside the water on the surface of the reverse osmosis membranes, were made in UK.

From the beginning, Everblue has always established solid relationships with all the main water treatment plant constructors in Italy.

In 2003, to satisfy the growing requests of its clients, Everblue starts designing and producing its own range of stainless-steel filtering cartridge containers. In the same year Everblue gets an order from the company IONICS ITALBA SPA in Milan, to provide containers and filtering cartridges for the biggest water treatment and reverse osmosis plant in the world, with a flow rate of 550.000 cubic meters of water per day. The success obtained with the containers and the filtering cartridges as a protection for reverse osmosis membranes, drives Everblue to design and manufacture its line of automatic self-cleaning filters to be installed as protection of the ultrafiltration membranes, a new technology that is growing on the market in this period.

By the end of 2004 Everblue can offer its clients a complete range of automatic self-cleaning filters that will be presented with great success at the most important exhibition worldwide for water treatment: AQUATECH AMSTERDAM exhibition in November 2004. The following years Everblue keeps growing on the European market and gains great success on the Italian market. In this period the acquisition of important contracts allows Everblue to install its filtering cartridges and self-cleaning filters for Companies such as ENEL, ENI, ILVA, ST MICROELECTRONICS, COSTA CROCIERE e ACCIAIERIE ARVEDI. A very important achievement is the supply of containers for filtering cartridges for the sea water desalination plant for the production of drinking water on the Giglio Island.

The continuous research for new technologies and of improved technical solutions, allows Everblue to create and file in 2007, a patent for a non-deformable support system for pleated filtering materials called FILSTAR; this new and innovative technology is used to produce washable cartridges with TEKBLUE special nets. Everblues become one of the most important companies in the filtration field.

2008 is the year of Everblue’s breakthrough. The company supplied self-cleaning filters, cartridge filters and ultrafiltration membranes (in cooperation with the german INGE) and reverse osmosi membranes (in cooperation with the japanese TORAY) for the biggest desalination plant for sea water ever built in Europe at the ENEL power station of Torrevaldaliga (Civitavecchia).

The continuous growth allows the company to build a new headquarter, opened in September 2009, where the vast area inside (2000 m²) and outside the building, make the work of our employees faster and more efficient. The big training room, inside the new building, becomes the training centre for all our clients, that more and more often take part in our dedicated technical seminars.

In 2010 Everblue develops and launches the FilterPlus filtering cartridge, first fiberglass container for high flow filtering cartridges; the idea of having a filtering cartridge container installed horizontally like the containers for reverse osmosis membranes and not vertically like all the previous containers, is soon accepted by the main reverse osmosis plant constructors and many companies try to produce similar products. In the same year Everblue starts producing high flow filtering cartridges for both containers FilterPlus and the polypropylene FilterOne.

Everblue is aware that the future of water treatment will be based on membrane processes, so the company decided to complete its range of products and started to produce membrane filtration systems to treat waste waters. Everblue begins planning and developing flat membrane modules (Membrane Biological Reactor), that is completed in 2010 with the creation of a line of systems for the depuration of waste waters for industries, hotels and cities. The quality of the products and the growing requests of the market make Everblue right from the beginning the reference company in Italy for this kind of product.

The participation at the AQUATECH AMSTERDAM exhibition in 2011 with an important booth, allows the Company to build its presence on the European market. This is demonstrated by the continuous success of the following years.

Everblue then returns to the following edition of AQUATECH AMSTERDAM in 2013 with the new filtering cartridge FilterBlue, which is the updated version of the FilterPlus filter. Thanks to its assembling modularity, it gains great success and becomes one of the most important products of the company.

To facilitate the choice of the correct product for its clients, in 2015 Everblue creates the EVERBLUE SELECTOR software, the first and only calculation program for the planning of filtration systems; with this new software Everblue becomes the first company worldwide to allow the client to design and plan his own filtration system.

In 2016 Everblue creates two other unique products never seen on the market before: the high flow 5 LAYERS and DOUBLE GRADIENT cartridges. The development of the cartridges is followed by that of the containers.

In 2017 Everblue presents at AQUATECH AMSTERDAM, FilterBlanc, FilterBlanc MAXI, FilterBlue MAXI filtering cartridges and the innovative self-cleaning FilBlue FV2000 filter, the first self-cleaning filter made with a fiberglass container. Once again Everblue demonstrates to be an innovative and modern company.

The business was growing and their was a need for a wider space so in 2019 Everblue opened the new headquarter with a warehouse of over 2500 m² in Gotra di Albareto, while the old building is dedicated only to production. The participation at AQUATECH AMSTERDAM in November 2019 with a beautiful booth, confirms Everblue as one of the most important companies in the field worldwide.

In this moment and every day, our technical department is working on new fantastic products that hopefully, like many times in the past, will become essential for all reverse osmosis plant constructors and will help them build systems that are more and more efficient and technologically advanced.