Quality is our responsibility 


In Everblue we believe that to ensure continuity and success to our business initiatives, it’s essential to pursue and obtain clients satisfaction.

We believe that focusing on our clients is extremely important and for this reason, every day we prepare and schedule targeted actions and dedicated services to obtain their full satisfaction.

Customers satisfaction is essential to establish our presence on the market, to distinguish from competitors and strengthen the company’s image in this field.

In order to reach our “vital” goals, in Everblue:

  • We commit to our clients, understand and satisfy their needs as fast as we can;
  • In every activity we follow rules and regulations applied to this sector;
  • We try to reduce our expenses and do the best we can to fix mistakes during the ordering process, eliminating problems thanks to an organized prevention activity;
  • We encourage flexibility of the operations always respecting each employee and coworkers;
  • We optimise our relations with partners and suppliers in order to increase the expertise and competitiveness of our company on the market;
  • During the production process we always use high-quality and first choice raw materials;
  • We give our employees complete availability of tools and resources to obtain excellent quality of the products and services we provide;
  • We ensure competence, professionalism and reliability of our employees at every level;
  • We guarantee that the “Quality philosophy” reflects every day’s work and working methods.

Everblue’s management is always busy and active promoting all the activities that can improve the quality, safety and health of the employees and the impact of the company on the environment, by spreading at all levels the concept explained above and by checking its results.

To implement these activities in the company we had to:

  • Create and implement a quality control management following UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulations and D.Lgs. 81/2008 e 242/1996 laws;
  • Maintain and keep under control the level of conformity to regulation and laws in all the Everblue “environment”
  • Promote and start training courses for our employees at all levels to improve the growing process of our workers, as we consider everyone an important resource to satisfy the needs of our clients and also for the company’s development in the years to come.

The philosophy described above involves all the main roles at various levels of the company and also include:

  • Technical aspects (acquisition of new technical resources, new professional skills, reduction of non-conformities, client’s complaints, optimization in managing the plant etc.)
  • Sales aspects (sales volumes, revenue volumes, revenue per customer, revenue per product etc.)
  • General organizational aspects (infrastructural and management systems)

For this reason, we implemented some indicators that we check constantly to understand in which way the company is moving and decide our goals.