With the #evergreen hashtag, Everblue wants to highlight all the ventures about environment and sustainability of our planet, that are handled from inside the company through eco-friendly politics.

The attention in the pursuing of “green” has always been very important for Everblue. With small actions the management has always tried to make the company sustainable not only under the economical and social aspect but also for the environment.


    Most of the packagings in Everblue’s warehouse have the following features:






    Our guidelines concerning this subject are the following:

    - Reduction of plastic in our packaging, over 80% of our shipments is delivered on palettized cartons.
    - Packaging is essential to contain, conserve and protect the product but they must have minimum impact.
    - Use of only primary packaging to avoid other external packagings, which are used if needed but always recycled.
    - We decided to use only mono-material and recyclable packagings to guarantee the separation from other materials.
    - Continuous cooperation with packaging suppliers to create high-quality solutions and reduce waists.



    Everblue has began eliminating disposable plastic in the offices and on production site anticipating the European regulation that should become law in January 2021. This process started by Everblue will be extended to our suppliers by eliminating disposable plastic for packaging and with the goal to become “plastic-free”.



    Everblue is working side by side with a strategic partner to create an important project for the disposal of all polypropilene cartridges.


    Our shared goal is to make our employees, suppliers and partners aware about our environment.

    All the operations and our offices have been involved in reducing pollution to a minimum, emissions and garbage, improving recycle process, reducing packaging and optimizing the use of natural resources.