The companies for which Everblue is an exclusive distributor in Italy are among the most important companies worldwide in the water treatment field. To the product itself, Everblue combines a high skilled and technical service to support the clients during the planning, creation, launch and management of the plant.


Everblue believes that the maintenance of high-quality standards is due to the excellence of the suppliers: companies, but especially people, that we strongly searched and chose and that allowed us to gain a competitive advantage under many aspects. One the most important features of Everblue’s suppliers, a part from high quality products, is their strategic location on the territory close to us. In this way we have a 0 km product, made in Italy. All the main suppliers are located no further than 50 km from us, in places where trust of word or a hand shake are worth more than a contract. Constant and long-lasting relationships have allowed us to create a complete trust among our companies that goes beyond work.